Stolen Keys? Don’t Leave Your Car Vulnerable

Car Vulnerable in Everett

Are you sure that you lost that spare set of car keys – or is it possible that somebody may have stolen them? Whatever the case, you may need to re-key auto locks if you can’t account for all your sets of car keys.

Although the basic mechanics of re-keying auto locks are the same as re-keying building locks, sometimes the complete process can be a bit more complicated. In either case, your first step is to remove the lock cylinder. There are two sets of pins in each lock. There are upper pins which are all the same length and will be above the shear line when the lock is opened, and there are lower pins which vary in length and will be pushed up to the shear line when the proper key is inserted.

When you re-key auto locks – or house locks, for that matter – you will need to change the lower lock pins only. The pins are tiny; the length of each one is less than half the diameter of a penny. Thus, changing the pins will require tweezers, good vision, and lots of patience. If you intend to attempt re-keying on your own, you can purchase a re-keying kit that includes extra pins so that you can replace the lower pins in a lock. Some re-keying kits include new keys, while others require that you have keys made to match the new lock.

There are a number of problems, though, with trying to re-key auto locks on your own. First of all, auto locks aren’t really intended to be re-keyed periodically in the way that home or office locks are. Thus, it can be much more difficult to remove auto locks than to remove home locks. Most vehicles will require special tools to remove the locks without causing damage to the vehicle. Remember that figuring out how to remove the door lock alone isn’t enough – you’ll also need to replace the ignition lock, glove compartment lock, and trunk lock if you want your new key to work in all your vehicle’s locks.

If your car key contains a transponder chip, then you’ll need to make sure that you have an appropriately programmed transponder for your ignition key. Many cars manufactured since the mid-1990’s use keys that have embedded transponder chips. These chips serve as an added layer of security to prevent car theft. Although any properly cut key can be used to access the car and trunk, only a properly cut key containing a properly programmed transponder chip can be used to drive the vehicle. If the car’s computer does not detect the presence of the transponder chip in the vicinity when a key is inserted into the ignition, the car won’t run. Thus, if you’re re-keying your car’s ignition lock, you’ll need to make sure that you know whether your car key needs to contain a programmed transponder chip. If so, you can purchase a new transponder at the car dealership – but it will probably cost between 150 and 200 dollars. Not all automotive mechanics can help with transponder chip programming, but if you find one that can you may be able to save yourself a great deal of money.If you need more information call your local Locksmith in Everett to help you.

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