Honeywell Home Safes – Storage Capability With Burglary Protection

Honeywell Home Safes in Everett

Searching for a home safe can’t be easy, with numerous options available in the market, most of which are misleading. Cheap knock offs have taken control over safe industry with fragile frames and no resistance to any damage. The lower than usual price of these safes are enough to entice customers into buying them. What they fail to realize is that a cheap buy can lead to an expensive loss. Instead, invest in certified products like Honeywell Home Safes to increase the chances of saving your belongings from burglary and other damages.

Honeywell safes have been serving out of Chicago, IL with their safes installed in schools, universities, office buildings, government facilities, US military, businesses and individual homes that comprises of more than 60% of the American market for safes and vaults. All safes manufactured by them are certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) for maintaining resistance against outside assault during the guaranteed time.

Honeywell safes are available in all sizes, catering to any requirement, from small fireproof chests of 0.15 cubic feet to large gun safes with 7.8 cubic feet. An Authorized Safe Locksmith in Everett will be able to guide you better on your home safe needs.

Types Of Honeywell Home Safes

Fireproof and Waterproof

Honeywell fireproof safes come complete with added advantage of being waterproof. Available in both digital and combination locks, all safes have key override facilities. The products have 7 years limited warranty with an after fire guarantee of lifetime. All Honeywell fire resistant safes are certified for 60 minutes protection against fire and 24 hours protection against water. The doors are water resistant and the digital safes can be programmed to give user access history for additional security. All fire resistant safes are spacious, starting from 0.5 cubic feet to 6 cubic feet capacity.

Gun Safes

Honeywell gun safes are available in both digital and mechanical models, depending on your choice. The mechanical gun safes have open and close handles, adjustable gun racks and shelves, predrilled mounting holes on the floor and back, full carpeted interior, scratch proof power coat and steel live lock bolts.

The digital gun safes are built with open and close spindle handle, detachable ammunition lock box, adjustable gun racks and shelves, key racks, programmable pass code that can run from 3-8 digits long, high grade steel live lock bolts and above all, have California Department of Justice compliance.

Both mechanical and digital gun safes have 3 years limited warranty and 20 minutes fire resistance capacity.

Security Safes

Honeywell does security well, there’s no doubt about that. Their steel security safes are one of the best in the country with mechanical live lock bolts, cabinets and doors made of high grade steel, pre-drilled mounting gears, detachable shelves, sliding doors and hidden hinges. These safes are ideal for resistance against burglary and double up as gun safes, being DOJ approved. Digital or mechanical, both have a 2 keys override option. There’s a 7 year warranty on all security safes from Honeywell.

Honeywell home safes take all precautions needed to ensure safety and protection of your assets. Each and every product is tested and quality checked before hitting the market. They might not be the cheapest safes available, but they’ll sure save you some money when push comes to shove!

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