Home Security on the Road

Home Security on the Road in Everett

Lock Your House with Your Phone

Finally it’s here. Phone technology combined with locksmithing technology. We currently have the capability to take safety and information with us out on the road. To be able to lock your house with your phone means you are able to lock your door from anywhere in the world, and at any time. Any smartphone can now be used with an electronic locking system that locks your doors through certain unique apps and can also send you notifications of an unlocked door, if someone unlocks a door, or if a designated family member unlocks the door using a key or their phone. All this requires a Wi-Fi system that is built and connected into a dead bolt lock, which is the typical lock on almost every door.

One outstanding feature however, is that you don’t just need a smart phone to use these services. It can be almost any old phone, through the use of simple text messages you command to lock your house with a phone. These types of security systems are customizable, have a long lasting battery, and they make life that much simpler. If you find yourself locked out and your key is missing, you have your phone as a backup.

Why can’t every household item just notify you when something runs amuck? Take a home security system with you on the road, and replace your key with your phone, or keep both handy. Our locksmithing company can help you decide on the right technology and apps for your phone and your home.

Home Automation Packages

Why stop there? Many locksmithing companies provide consultations on more robust and connected security systems. A home automated package may contain much more than a phone-house system. Some contain video surveillance, weather and temperature control, energy efficiency, video cameras, touchscreen controls, and live wireless communication which is all used for monitoring and controlling your home from a distance whether you’re on vacation or temporarily relocated. With a home automated system you can stream live video when your house senses motion and send the stream to your phone, or laptop when you have visitors, burglars, or even a stray animal lurking around. Thanks to apps, smartphones, and Wi-Fi, all of these methods are possible and very affordable.

Don’t Have a Smartphone? Don’t Worry

Many locksmithing companies allow people without a smart phone to use their keyless technology in the exact same way while on the road. Use an old phone and a text message, or simply touch a keyless entry remote with your finger that is part of a keyless entry remote system. This will then unlock the door of a car or home. Some keyless entry systems may also use Wi-Fi and be used at great distances. So far on the road keyless entry was revolutionized by the smartphone, but who knows what else can be used to unlock a door in the future, sunglasses or perhaps even a mere thought. The locksmithing industry is advancing and upgrading right along the increasing smart world.

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